Wendy is a natural at making you feel comfortable & ready to explore options, whether hypnosis, tapping or any other positive means to bring about clarity in what you do, and importantly, DON’T want in your life. I knew a bit about hypnosis going in, but had never experienced it before till now… and several things that have been big challenges for me in the past (confusion or frustration turning to inappropriate deep painful anger-which I consciously hated about my behaviour & emotional-response led binge eating rubbish being just two) have somehow seemed to melt away into the background without me consciously doing anything! Therein lies the rub, the subconscious rules so many responses which may have been appropriate and useful at one time, but which no longer serve you well or even cause great harm. A 45 minute hypnosis session felt like 10 minutes- I was quite amazed, so it obviously works as intended. Wendy has enabled me to move forward with some new skills in my kit bag, which I’m looking forward to applying across many aspects of life. I recommend her unreservedly for those who’ve tried ‘everything else’ & are keen (or even desperate!) for real, positive change. Thanks Wendy!

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