Relax and Unwind Hypnosis Session

Relax and Unwind during our online group hypnosis session from the comfort of your own home.

Sort out a quiet space, put on your PJ's or something comfortable, grab a cuppa and sit back.

When:  Tuesday 27th March 2018

Where: Online (so you're place!)

Time:    7.30pm to 8.30pm.

Cost:     Only $20

Registration: Here

Relax and Unwind
Relax and Unwind at home with our Online Hypnosis session

During the session we will talk briefly about some different ways to unwind and help you de-stress & some tips to get a good night's sleep (which you will very likely have after this session) and some other great tools.

We will talk briefly about what to expect, so you are totally comfortable and ready to relax.

The hypnosis will be recorded & sent to participants, so you can use it again and again.

Feel free to invite a friend, who could do with a bit of relaxing.

Note: USB Headphones with a microphone are ideal for the call, both to lessen interference and so you can be heard, hear and absorb the audio directly.

It's basically more impactful and a better experience for everyone all round.

Once you are registered to attend (and any required payment received), you will be sent an online link to join the call.

Register & Pay via Eventbrite easily through here.



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

> No, I'll let you use your judgement here.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions before the event?

> Email Wendy at [email protected] (before the day)

How will I join the call?

> Once you have registered and paid the appropriate amount, you will be sent a zoom link with instructions on how to join.

What if I have trouble joining the call?

> Make sure you close down additional or uncessesary windows and browsers & have a stable internet connection. I have found that if need be, shutting down your computer and restarting (with headphones already connected) usually solves most connection issues.

Do I need a computer?

> You can join from a pc, laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is a decent internet connection & ideally, headphones.

Can I ask questions during the call?

> Yes there will be opportunities before and after the hypnosis for you to ask any questions.


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