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So you’ve made the decision and you want to quit smoking cigarettes – Congratulations!! You’ve taken a big step towards becoming a non-smoker already!

You have just received an extremely valuable Gift Pack.  This Pack and it’s contents have been valued at around $60, although we expect you’ll find the true value of the contents and this information is actually priceless. This is one big step in the journey to a healthier you, and is just the start of your success story of becoming a non smoker.

You will find three things in this Gift Pack:

  1. A recording valued at $35. This includes a stress relieving and very relaxing self-hypnosis track and also an easy to listen to introduction to learning more about hypnosis that is both informative and a bit of fun (see further down the page).
  2. A Hypnosis Session Gift Certificate that’s worth $20. You have one month to use the voucher from the date you received it.   DOWNLOAD
  3. Our brochure for you to check out when you’re ready, which contains some more information  DOWNLOAD
  4. Just some of the many great things our previous clients have said. VIEW

So how is it that our system works so well, and just how does it help you to become a non smoker in just 60 minutes? How and why do we back our sessions up with a guarantee of support? That’s a lifetime worth of support.

Grab a cuppa and set aside a bit of time. Listen to the recording and all will be explained.

Basically: By combining NLP and reframing , along with advanced hypnosis and support structures for you to use following your session, and more – and by addressing your individual needs and the needs of each smoker, we’ve got you covered.

Shelley talks about how she walked out and said "I don't smoke anymore".
Check out the video: Shelley talks about how she walked out and said “I don’t smoke anymore”.

We wish you a happier and healthier life – and a wealthier one too (let’s face it you will be as a non smoker!)

Remember the enclosed also includes the very relaxing and stress reducing recording. You can listen to it whenever you want to relieve stress, or even to go to sleep to it.

The relaxation recording might make receiving this whole Gift Pack worth it on it’s own. Feel free to pass it on to a friend who you think needs relaxing!

Take care and we wish you every success in your journey.


Wendy Gadsby

NLP Master Practitioner & Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy


Quit Cigarettes, Rid Weight, Lift Anxiety, Stress & Chronic Pain & much more

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