PTSD Awareness Challenge

PTSD Awareness Challenge
Wendy starts the PTSD Awareness 22 day push up challenge. Fun for a great cause!

Every now and then one of those crazy social media challenges hits home. You’ve probably seen it over your facebook page. 22 push ups for 22 days to raise awareness of PTSD or Post Truamatic Stress Disorder, combat stress and wider health issues. Support for returned soldiers and currently serving men and women, and others suffering in silence are what this challenge is all about.

It’s a bit of fun that raises a big issue. This caught my attention straight away, not just because it’s a big issue, but because it’s commonly thought of as something that has to be endured, life long. That’s simply not true and that frustrates me immensely. It’s simply old style thinking. Things change. Things improve. Help is around, effective help. Lots of support and help.

Hypnotherapy has been found to be one of the leading ways to break through trauma and PTSD quickly. Check out the stats on this page here and find out more information on the symptoms and also they way out. Yes there is a way out, and it’s quick.

The Richards Trauma Process is an effective way of stepping someone through trauma, that stuck state of reliving or re experiencing events time and time again to thriving and really living life. Taking someone from that fight, flight freeze mode, a place of anger, isolation and all sorts of awfulness to once again believing a worthwhile future is not only possible, but very real.

When I was challenged to do my 22 days of this craze (thanks to my beautiful & super fit cousin Robyn Clarke), I decided to take it on, help raise awareness of not only PTSD, but also to raise awareness of the awesome support that exists for not only returned service men and women but the many others who suffer from this debilitating disorder in our community.

If you, or you know of someone who is suffering call me (Wendy Gadsby) on 1800 760 422 or contact me through this page and let’s work together to start the process of coming out the other side of PTSD and feeling great. It’s way more than possible.


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