Using Hypnosis for Multiple Sclerosis

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Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms – Learn how to use deep relaxation to help you live more comfortably with MS


Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms – Learn how to use deep relaxation to help you live more comfortably with MS

‘Relaxation' is not a word that immediately springs to mind in conjunction with multiple sclerosis (MS). Just having MS is intensely stressful. During a bad episode, even the simplest physical actions can just feel so impossibly hard. Learning to cope with MS is a major challenge for the sufferer and those close to them.

But there is more.

The impact of stress on MS episodes

A major study at the University of California (reported in the British Medical Journal in March 2004) established that the stress of the condition itself is not the end of the story. Researchers found that what you might call ‘ordinary stress' – problems at work, relationship issues, financial worries, etc – is statistically linked to exacerbation of MS symptoms.

This means that, if you are experiencing high stress levels in your life in addition to coping with MS, you may be at risk of exacerbation – a triggering of a ‘bad episode'.

Why relaxation is good for MS sufferers

So learning the art of deep relaxation can benefit MS sufferers in two ways. It can bring you immediate stress relief from the pressures of the present moment. And it can help bring down your general stress level, thus reducing your risk of exacerbation.

Why hypnosis is particularly good for MS patients

The benefits of using hypnosis to improve immune function, lower blood pressure, relieve irritable bowel syndrome and help other health problems have long been known. But did you know that its usefulness in helping MS sufferers has also been studied?

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (April 1997) published a preliminary report on the effectiveness of hypnosis in facilitating healing in a number of different conditions, and specifically in MS.

All three MS cases studied showed improvement either immediately or within several weeks when hypnosis was used to suggest improvement of symptoms.

The Relaxation for MS hypnosis session will allow you not only to enjoy a session of deeply relaxing hypnosis, but will also show you how to relax more deeply each time you listen to it.

You will discover how to influence your own immune system and enhance your general health. You will soon begin to notice how much calmer and more relaxed you feel – about everything.

Download Relaxation for MS now and start to enjoy the benefits of feeling so much better in mind and body. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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