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Try New Things – A hypnosis audio to help push past your personal boundaries


Try New Things – A hypnosis audio to help push past your personal boundaries

When you were very young and I mean really small you had no sense of limitation.

You hadn’t been taught that you were ‘not the type of person who can…..’ or that your skills lay in one area but not in another. Concepts of limitations had not been ‘learnt into you’.

In fact possibilities were endless. Once we label ourselves (perhaps as a result of other people labeling us) as ‘bright’ or ‘not so bright’ or ‘under-confident’ or a ‘people-pleaser’ etc then we tend to unconsciously behave in ways that confirm the label we carry inside.

When were these labels stuck on?

Learnt limitations can be un-learnt

Maybe you think you are ‘not musical’ or ‘no good with people’ or ‘can’t do languages’. Yet your brain has almost infinite learning capacity. People carry to their graves all kinds of untested and unfulfilled potentials.

This session ‘Try New Things‘ will get you thinking again and in powerful ways. If you spend a few seconds now thinking about what you are ‘good at’ and also stuff you have been conditioned to believe you are just no good at then that will give you an idea of how many limiting labels you’ve acquired.

Start a sport, learn a musical instrument, speak in public, learn to speak a new language – do things that are ‘just not you.’ Amaze yourself and the people around you and open up so many more possibilities for yourself.

Try New Things will get you motivated to leap out of your comfort zone (which is another word for prison!) and trying new things confidently to infinitely extend the sense of who you are.

Download Try New Things now and experience what life has to offer you. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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