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Telesales Confidence – Get the edge in telesales with this advanced hypnosis mindsetting session


Telesales Confidence – Get the edge in telesales with this advanced hypnosis mindsetting session

We all know that a positive mental attitude is vital to successful call center sales work.

If you make that sales call feeling like a nuisance and expecting your prospect to tell you where to get off then your attitude will transmit to your prospect and will put them off.

Keeping motivated, staying energized on the phone

If you find yourself becoming increasingly de-motivated with each call and worrying about your tally and record then you need a change of feeling and thinking around your calls.

Just like playing a sport such as golf you need to forget the call that went before and forget about the calls to come and just be ‘in the moment' with the call that you are making. Forget your tally forget results when you are communicating you are just communicating.

Be ‘in the zone' on calls

The Super Confident Telesales hypnosis session will help you get totally ‘in the zone' when making call center calls so that past and present disappear and only now exists – the moment of the one and only call you are on.

Super Confident Telesales will help you make confident sales call after confident sales call. It will help you see setbacks as temporary and forget the last call whether it was a successful sale or not and move onto the next.

There are very real persuasion techniques you can learn and make an instinctive part of what you do naturally. You'll become better at being compelling and ‘painting pictures in your prospects minds' with your words.

Download Super Confident Telesales now and become a call center winner! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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