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Taking Penalties –


Taking Penalties –

You know that moment: The referee has placed the ball on the spot and the goalie is gearing up. There may be dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people watching you as you prepare to take your penalty kick. If you score then you're the hero, if the goalie saves your shot then he reigns supreme. But what does all this pressure do to your ability to take a perfect penalty kick?

Penalty pressure can mean poor performance

Taking a penalty kick in soccer can be major pressure. You may have practiced countless times perfecting your penalty during football training but the pressure of a real soccer game is something else again.

The right mind-set for taking penalty kicks

The key to good sports psychology is not I repeat not ‘having positive thoughts.' You can be positive generally about your play and before a match but optimum sports psychology for pressure situations like penalty kicks means having no thoughts, just pure focus.

Penalty takers will often try to fool the goalie. But to enter a state of flow or ‘being in the zone' when taking a penalty shot you need to stop thought. Sure you can have a pre-decided idea as to where you are going to blast the ball. But thought or any self consciousness about what you are doing will just block your success.

The state of mind you need to have to take world beating penalties is akin to the purest hypnotic trance state. You need to instinctively know how to make the crowd disappear. At the same time all thoughts of success of failure need to fade away.

How hypnosis will help you take perfect penalty kicks

Research shows that hypnotic practice (1) can improve your game as much as real practice and the hypnotic advantage is that you can take perfect penalties every time – without mistakes!

Perfect Penalties will gently relax you into hypnosis and hypnotically train you to get into the optimum penalty taking state of mind each time.

Download Perfect Penalties now and be amazed at your calmness when you take your next important penalty kick.

1 Sports Hypnosis: The Athlete's Ultimate “Secret Weapon”

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