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Stop Snacking – How to use hypnosis to instil the habit of only eating at mealtimes


Stop Snacking – How to use hypnosis to instil the habit of only eating at mealtimes

Eating well in our fast food, high speed world feels a lot more difficult than it actually is.

Market forces (some would say ‘market conspiracies’) have led to us being bombarded with exhortations to buy and eat high sugar snacks that ‘taste so good’. And those snacks do taste good. They just don’t do any good (except to the market).

But do we have to give up snacking?

Can’t give up snacking?

The thought of giving up snacking is just too much for many of us. We have got accustomed to the sugar rush, and can’t bear the thought of doing without it, even though we hate the come down afterwards.

Even though we hate the unsightly effect it produces in our bodies. Our yearning for those tasty goodies overcomes the common sense that tells us we are doing ourselves harm.

The history behind our love of sugar and carbs

How has snacking on sugary high carb foods got such a hold on us? Well, firstly, it triggers a primeval instinct.

The high energy boost you get from sweet foods like honey and certain fatty foods would have been important to survival in early human history. It makes sense that we evolved a ‘sweet tooth’ that would make us actively seek out this powerful but scarce source of energy.

The modern dilemma – too much of a good thing is bad for you

The situation today couldn’t be more different. Far from being scarce, sugar rich fatty foods are abundantly available. But our instinctive response has not yet had time to adapt. Evolution is slow!

So instinct drives us from inside to ‘go for it’, while ‘market forces’ compel us from outside. And so an important survival behavior becomes destructive.

Fortunately, there are two wonderfully effective ways to deal with this situation and escape from the pull of the snacking habit.

Understanding what you’re eating helps you eat more healthily

Our ancestors ate a healthy diet – low carb with an occasional sugar fix – because it really wasn’t possible do anything else. Nor did they ‘know’ that their diet was healthy. They knew nothing of blood sugar and the effect of repeated sudden changes in its levels. But now we know that if you eat a low carb diet, combining complex carbs with protein, you feel fuller longer – and so are unlikely to even feel like snacking!

So the first step to freeing yourself from over-snacking is to look at the make up of your meals, and ensure that you mainly eat complex carbohydrates, together with a good amount of protein and fat.

Your instincts are not fixed – you can change them

The second piece of good news is that we have far more freedom than we thought when it comes to instincts. The science which brought us understanding of how we got to where we are has also enabled us to see that we are not just the helpless pawns of evolution – or the snack market.

Instinctive behaviors are malleable. Using the same methods as mother nature, we can choose what elements to encourage, and discourage.

How hypnosis can help you build new healthy instincts

We now know that our instincts are not fully formed when we are born, but develop with us as we grow. This process takes place while we are sleeping, in the dreaming behavior of our brains.

While we may not be able to choose our dreams, we can choose what to focus on when we switch our brains into ‘dream state’ during hypnosis. This is why hypnosis is such a powerful tool for change.

Stop Snacking is an audio hypnosis session which makes full use of all this knowledge. It works at the conscious level, ensuring that you have all the information you need to adapt your diet in a healthy way.

And it works at the unconscious level of your instincts, creating a powerfully effective ‘dream’ of how to live differently and escape both from market manipulation and the grip of habit.

When you listen to Stop Snacking, you will find yourself automatically relaxing into the trancelike state of a dream. Old behavior patterns around high carb snack foods will be easily and comfortably overwritten. Your brain will build a new template of healthy eating which will make it much easier for you to resist the ads and eat the right sustaining foods in the right amounts.

Download Stop Snacking now and say hello to the new you that you choose to be. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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