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Self Hate – Be fairer to yourself with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.


Self Hate – Be fairer to yourself with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.

Self hate, or disgust with yourself, saps your energy, and reduces enjoyment and productivity in your life.

When you feel that you hate yourself and ‘deserve' bad things then you are, of course, your own worst enemy.

Self hate may have arisen because of past conditioning: maybe you were fed negative ideas about yourself from others, maybe people treated you like an object to be used and thrown aside.

Perhaps the self hate really originates from another's voice and isn't your own sense of self at all. The dust and grime of years of conditioning may have obscured how you really see yourself.

Perfectionism and self hate

It may be that you are a perfectionist who sees reality in black and white and therefore whenever you do something ‘imperfectly' you feel disgusted with yourself.

Then again perhaps you have been conditioned to feel guilty about all kinds of things and you over-ruminate about your past mistakes (which we've all made).

Perhaps you feel others are better than you or that you always seem to say or do the wrong thing.

Get a more realistic view of yourself

Too much self hate is still too much self regard and self-focus.

When you feel more relaxed and better about yourself then you don't have to think about yourself so much and can focus more on other things in life. What a relief!

When you give yourself more leeway and begin to show some decency to yourself then you live life more fully and effectively.

How hypnosis can help you overcome self hate

The reason it's not easy to escape self hate consciously is that the emotions that drive it are created at an unconscious level. So your conscious efforts are happening in a different place to where the problem is.

And that's where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is the art of communicating with the unconcious mind and so we can use it to update the old patterns that are driving the self hate.

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