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Stop Obsessive Thoughts – Hypnosis can release you from the grip of compulsive thinking

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Stop Obsessive Thoughts – Hypnosis can release you from the grip of compulsive thinking

Do you feel constantly plagued by worrying ideas and thoughts?

Do you sometimes wonder if there's something terribly wrong with you because of the ideas that come into your head?

Of course, everybody will occasionally have negative thoughts entering their minds, and even going round and round in their heads for a while. But when you find yourself constantly disturbed by frightening ideas or images, or unable to stop worrying about something, it can really take all the fun out of life and drain your energies, leaving you struggling.

What sort of ideas become obsessive thoughts?

All kinds of thoughts can become persistent – from going over old troubling conversations, or thinking about a particular person all the time, or fretting about something awful that you ‘might' do, to being unable to relax and enjoy yourself because you can't stop thinking about work. And the trouble is, it's not just the thoughts themselves that are a problem – soon you find yourself worrying about the worrying too.

Is obsessive thinking a sign of ‘madness' or ‘badness'?

You'll have noticed that just telling yourself to ‘stop it' seems to have little effect. It's as if you can't stop. And this is where many people begin to worry about something new – “Is there something fundamentally wrong with me that I am thinking this stuff?”

The good news is that having loads of intrusive and pre-occupying thoughts is actually a normal experience. Studies undertaken by psychologist Stanley Rachman showed that almost everyone experiences ‘bad thoughts', and becomes pre-occupied with them (1). This is a universal human experience. So there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you if you have such thoughts too.

The role of emotion in getting pre-occupied with certain thoughts

The problem really comes from how much these thoughts are troubling you, rather than the fact that you are having them. How much they trouble you depends on how much significance you attach to them, and that stems from how much emotion you respond with. This is easy to say, and even to understand. But once you have got into a habit of thinking obsessively about something, how can you switch off this response?

Emotional arousal is an unconscious process – you don't choose, consciously, to feel a particular way. You just find yourself feeling like that. But then you start thinking about what you are feeling, and this in turn rouses an emotional response to your thoughts, and so a sort of spiral is set up, which just carries you away.

How hypnosis can help you interrupt obsessive thoughts

So, to interrupt this spiral, you have to go by the same route – that is, using unconscious processes. And the best and most effective way to make these unconscious changes is through hypnosis.

Stop Obsessive Thoughts is an audio hypnosis session which makes full use of modern understandings of unconscious processes to help you make important changes in your life. It will help you take back control of your life and begin to see those old thoughts in their proper perspective.

This calming and relaxing session will transform your life by

  • helping you understand how the spiral of thoughts and feelings works
  • teaching you how to calm down your emotional responses quickly and easily
  • getting you detached from the content of random thoughts
  • enabling you to see clearly again without unwanted thoughts getting in your way

Download Stop Obsessive Thoughts and reclaim your life from worry and stress.

(1) See Baer, Lee, The Imp of the Mind (2002) – Rachman study referenced at p.7,8.

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