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Stop Negative Globalizing – Hypnosis can free you from the habit of letting imperfections ruin your fun


Stop Negative Globalizing – Hypnosis can free you from the habit of letting imperfections ruin your fun

Do you often notice yourself blowing things out of proportion?

Have you ever told someone that an evening was totally ruined by one thing that happened?

There are times when we can all be a bit over dramatic. But when you get into the habit of globalizing a problem (letting one setback ruin a whole event), it has a negative effect on your life.

When you get so overwhelmed that you stop trying to see the positives, you are falling victim to something called ‘learned helplessness'.

Psychologist Martin Seligman studied this phenomenon and found that the difference between optimists and pessimists can be seen in the way they make sense of events.

An optimist externalises an event, dealing with it and then moving on, focusing on the other good things that are happening.

Whereas someone who thinks pessimistically turns negative experiences into something personal, blaming themselves when things go wrong.

Research shows you can change the way you think

The good news is Seligman discovered that by changing the way you explain things that happen, you can begin to consistently think more optimistically.

Of course this doesn't mean you have to force yourself to be cheerful all the time. A certain amount of negative emotions are a healthy part of life.

But it will become much easier to deal with the unpredictability of life and to become measurably happier in general.

Break free from the habit of negative globalizing with hypnosis

Stop Negative Globalizing is an audio hypnosis session that will enable you to develop a positive mindset so you can thrive in many different areas of your life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Become free from your old habit of negative globalizing
  • Think in a more balanced, life-affirming way
  • Are able to develop a sense of humour when it comes to misfortune
  • See things with a new perspective.

Download Stop Negative Globalizing and stop blowing things out of proportion as you develop a healthy perspective on life.

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