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Overcome Paranoia – Deep relaxation gives your brain a rest from the stress of paranoia, and can help you see the wider picture


Overcome Paranoia – Deep relaxation gives your brain a rest from the stress of paranoia, and can help you see the wider picture

Paranoid feelings, where you have the sense that other people are out to get you, or are not to be trusted in any respect, are deeply distressing.

They make you feel anxious and insecure, and like you must always be watching your back. It's uncomfortable to feel like this even when there is good cause. But it's even more frightening when you realise that your fears and suspicion are – in reality – unfounded.

Where paranoid feelings come from

Paranoia can have various contributory causes. It's a symptom of some psychiatric disorders, for instance. If you experience other distressing symptoms with it, such as hearing voices, it's essential to get professional help.

You don't have to have a psychiatric problem to experience paranoid feelings, however. All of us are susceptible to paranoia to some degree, and it helps to understand why this is.

The role of emotion in generating paranoid feelings

When we are anxious and insecure, for whatever reason, it puts us in an emotionally aroused state – as if we are permanent ‘hyper alert'. In such a state, we are ‘on the lookout for trouble'.

This means we pay attention to anything which looks like it might be evidence of ‘trouble', and tend to ignore things which indicate that we don't really have anything to worry about.

It's like having a kind of tunnel vision, where you can only see trouble.

Occasional paranoia

If you think back over your own experience, you will have noticed times when you got worked up about something, and interpreted matters in an overly negative way.

Later, when you had calmed down, you realised that you had over-reacted. This common experience shows how important it is to be able to calm your emotions so that you can objectively assess what is going on and react appropriately.

Overcoming paranoia can transform your life

When you can calm your emotions and stop feeling paranoid so often, you will notice an improvement in your relations with other people.

You'll find it easier to make allowances for them and to appreciate the ways in which they can respond positively to you. This will allow you to feel much happier and calmer in your dealings with others.

Finding that calmness within to defeat the paranoia

Stop Being Paranoid will help you master the art of calming yourself down really deeply, both physically and mentally. This, in itself, will help you feel so much better.

After you've listened to Stop Being Paranoid a few times, you will understand a great deal more about how paranoia can affect your life, and what you can do about it. It will also teach you how to use a simple but powerful metaphorical analogy to help keep yourself on track in future.

Download Stop Being Paranoid now and recover your peace of mind. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Important: If you are under the care of a psychology professional for a condition involving paranoia, consult with them first on the appropriateness of this session for your treatment plan.

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