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Stop Drinking Soda –


Stop Drinking Soda –

Whatever brand you drink soda is bad news for your health. The average US citizen drinks around 18 ounces of sugary soda drink every day. According to a 2005 study (1) by the US department of health soda drinks have become the biggest source of empty calories in the US diet and Britain and the rest of Europe are catching up fast. So if you want to be fat drink soda is the message.

Some people think they are being healthy by consuming ‘energy drinks' or ‘sports drinks' but unless you are running marathon these drinks will still make you fat as they have plenty of empty calories in them (even though the models selling them maybe sleek and athletic)

Soda harms more than just making you fat

Drinking too much soda causes:

  • Energy dips and symptoms of depression
  • Massive dehydration with all the problems that causes.
  • Addictive like binging and craving linked to the come down after having a sugar high and craving to take on more sugar again.
  • High blood pressure
  • Inability to focus and concentrate
  • Rotting of the teeth
  • Cola confuses the appetite regulating systems in the body leading to increased appetite and weight gain (above and beyond the fat encouraging sugars in the soda itself)
  • Regular soda drinking attacks the marrow in the bones making them weaker and encourages organ breakdown leading to potentially life threatening diabetes.
  • Weakening of the bones in a study of 460 high schoolers in 2000, research at the Harvard School of Public Health found that girls who drank carbonated soft drinks were three times as likely to break their arms and legs as those who consumed other drinks.
  • Rapid aging of the skin and body generally.

So drinking soda is not a good deal, whether it's Pepsi, coco-cola, Dr pepper's, 7up or one of the many so called ‘sports drinks' it's bad news.

What's more advertising and ritual all play their part to keep you hooked. Advertisers subtly imply that by drinking their soda you'll get a certain lifestyle. They do this by having cool looking models with obviously cool life styles drinking their sodas. So you get conned by the implicit suggestions that you are buying a lifestyle not just a soda. Don't be conned into losing your health.

Then there is the ritual element. You get a craving you got to the fridge and you see a container with certain colours and logos on it. This becomes ritualistic and if you do anything enough times it starts to feel natural and right-even though it is anything but natural and right.

This session will help get you off soda and stay off.

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