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Compulsive Hoarding –


Compulsive Hoarding –

How do you know if you're a compulsive hoarder? If you've got rooms you can't get into, cupboards you don't dare open for fear you'll be crushed by the contents, and no space to spare in a home which ought to be more than adequate for your needs – the chances are you are a compulsive hoarder.

Compulsive hoarders keep everything – just in case

If you find it hard to throw anything away – even things you know you don't need, or which wouldn't be of any use to anyone, really – you may have fallen into the trap which waits for the compulsive hoarder.

It's a tricksy little trap. It seems so reasonable. After all, it's quite true that you don't know when Item X might be just the very thing you need. And how awful it would be to need Item X and not have it! So what could be more sensible than to buy and/or keep Item X so that, when that time comes, you'll have it to hand?

Getting crushed in the clutter

The problem with that little scenario is the tendency of Item X to exponentially multiply itself. Everything is a potential Item X. Getting caught in this trap is a recipe for finding yourself pushed out of your own home by the accumulated clutter of your possessions.

How to escape from compulsive hoarding

People run businesses which will help you clear out your belongings, and it's true that getting help with the practical side can make the physical task easier. But though taking action to get rid of unnecessary stuff is important, it's even more important to deal with the issues that led you into compulsive hoarding in the first place.

Hypnosis can get to the root of compulsive hoarding – and pull it out

Stop compulsive hoarding is focused on the compulsion rather than the hoarding. By taking you into a deeply relaxed, dissociated state, it will help you cut through the tangle of emotional needs that underlie compulsive hoarding syndrome.

Stop compulsive hoarding will help you instil in yourself a new perspective on what it's really useful to keep, and what you can let go of now.

Download Stop compulsive hoarding and begin to enjoy more space and freedom in your life.

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