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Stop Being Offended – Learn to deal with disrespectful comments and let go of the little things with this gentle advanced hypnosis session


Stop Being Offended – Learn to deal with disrespectful comments and let go of the little things with this gentle advanced hypnosis session

Are you easily offended?

Do you wish you could take things in your stride instead of dwelling on them?

It can be hard to let go of comments or behaviors that feel inappropriate or disrespectful. One offhand comment can turn into days or even weeks of rumination as you constantly wonder why the person said it, what exactly they meant – and, worst of all, whether they're right.

Indeed, it's when we sense an element of truth to an insult that it hurts the most. If we're able to look at a comment objectively and recognize that it simply isn't true, or that it says more about the person saying it than about us, we don't tend to let it dominate our thoughts or knock our self-confidence.

Obviously it's important to recognize when a comment or behavior is genuinely disrespectful so that you can take appropriate action. But if you find yourself taking offence at things other people just don't seem bothered by, or mulling situations over at length, it may be partly to do with how you feel about yourself. When you feel vulnerable or under attack, the most trivial things can come to feel supremely important.

Just remember: You are enough

Nobody ever said developing self-confidence and resilience was easy, but here's the thing: You're already doing it. When you were five years old, the tiniest knock would have brought you to tears. Today, not so much. You are already much more cool-headed, resilient, and mature than you once were. The ability to bounce back from adversity is a skill that we naturally develop as we age. A skill you can and will continue to develop.

While we shouldn't simply accept inappropriate behavior, there are times when the best approach is just to let it go. Be steadfast in the knowledge that you are a strong, smart, skilled individual. Refuse to accept others' insults.

You might be thinking that this is all much easier said than done! Fortunately you don't have to rely on willpower alone. Hypnosis can help you improve your self-concept at an unconscious level so that you respond to inappropriate comments with calm confidence.

How hypnosis can help

Stop Being Offended is an audio hypnosis session that will help you trust in yourself and let go of petty insults.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Calmly brush off inappropriate comments or behaviors
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-acceptance
  • Deal with conflict in a mature way
  • Feel happier, more confident, and more relaxed in general.

Download Stop Being Offended now and focus instead on what really matters. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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