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Stop Being A Fixer – Develop a more balanced approach to other people’s problems with hypnosis


Stop Being A Fixer – Develop a more balanced approach to other people's problems with hypnosis

Have you realized that you need to stop being a fixer for the rest of the world?

Are you not meeting your own needs properly because you give so much time to others?

There's no doubt that helping other people with their problems and difficulties can be very rewarding and satisfying. In fact, having a mutually supportive connection with others is one of the ways of meeting our fundamental human need to find meaning in our lives. People who work in the helping professions regularly say that this is why they enjoy their jobs so much.

But note the words ‘mutually supportive'.

Helping people is great, and sometimes the people you help may not be in a position to reciprocate in any way. But if all the help you give to others, trying to ‘fix things' for them, is always only one way, and if your help is always given at the expense of your own wellbeing, there is a real danger of becoming crushed and ‘burnt out' by the burden.

And when that happens, you end up being no good to anyone, and no good to yourself either.

How you can stop being a fixer, quickly and easily

But if you have got into a ‘habit' of being the fixer, and people are relying on you and expecting you to be the one who always comes to the rescue, how do you redress the balance? How do you stop?

Stop being a fixer is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you make the changes you need to make at the unconscious level that will in turn allow you to ‘reset' your role.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll become aware of profound inner changes starting to take place. In particular, you'll notice that

  • you begin to feel as if a tremendous burden has lifted
  • you acquire a new understanding of who you really are
  • you develop a strong commitment to care for yourself appropriately
  • you find that you care just as much for others as you ever did – but without compulsion
  • you confidently set new boundaries in your relationships that protect both you and others
  • life becomes so much more fun!

Download Stop being a fixer and live the life you want to live.

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