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See the Best in Others – Hypnosis is a gentle and effective way to use your natural abilities and seek out the best in people and be more relaxed about their short-comings


See the Best in Others – Hypnosis is a gentle and effective way to use your natural abilities and seek out the best in people and be more relaxed about their short-comings

There’s a famous joke that goes “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!” It neatly expresses the dilemma we face when trying to discern the motives behind other people’s actions. Should we always be suspicious and cynical and so protect ourselves from cheats and swindlers? Or should we always look for the best in others and shut our eyes to the treachery and manipulation that certainly are ‘out there’?

Is seeing the best in others childishly naïve?

It’s easy to accuse those who urge us to ‘see the best’ of being ‘Pollyanna-ish’. Pollyanna is the fictional heroine who is cheerfully optimistic about everything and always maintains a generous attitude toward the motives of other people. It sounds lovely – but what about all the evidence that people can (and do) act out of malice, greed, jealousy, ambition, ignorance, incompetence, and so on? You can’t just wish it away.

There are no ‘others’ – we are all human

We can’t make the world a nice place just by wishing it, of course. But seeing the best in others is actually not about pretending that everything in the garden is rosy and there is no problem. It’s about recognising the shared humanity of all of us. This means acknowledging that we ourselves have weaknesses and faults, and we know that we are doing the best we can, whatever others think. And so are the ‘others’.

The benefits of recognising what we share

When we begin to recognise that those ‘others’ are not an alien species, but people like ourselves making the best job they can of the lives they have, with more or less success depending on their circumstances and skills, it becomes possible to give them more ‘leeway’, so to speak. Some tolerance, some room for imperfection and foible, some space in which to recover from blunders. And the results can be spectacular.

Seeing the worst v seeing the best

We all hate to be judged, and being judged inexorably brings out the worst in all of us. Judgment, in fact, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we can refrain from judgment, from negative expectations, from ‘seeing the worst’, we open up the possibility for positive developments. Understanding that others are already doing the best they can, and that if we help them do better everybody is going to benefit.

There will still be cheats and liars and troublemakers, of course (sad to think that that is the ‘best’ they can do…), but you can recognise them soon enough, and they are far fewer in number than ‘seeing the worst’ allows you to see. When you really see the ‘best’ in others, you can draw so much more from them – and so much more from yourself.

Hypnosis can help you develop the capacity to see the best in others

Seeing the best in others is an audio hypnosis session which will allow you to develop and enhance your capacity to take this wider view of people for your own benefit and the good of others.

By listening regularly to Seeing the best in others you will enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and gain a deeper psychological understanding of human motivation and capacity. Powerful hypnotic suggestions will allow you to move effortlessly from an outlook based on suspicion and cynicism to one based on a realistic and sympathetic understanding of yourself and others.

Download Seeing the best in others and transform your life and relationships.

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