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Cancer Pain –


Cancer Pain –

You may find that chemical pain management just isn't enough for your cancer pain, or you may just want to reduce the amount of medication you need to take. Whatever your situation, leaning to hypnotically control cancer pain has huge bonuses.

Hypnotic pain relief puts you back in control and may lessen the need for pain medications which can cause drowsiness. But of course it is paramount that any undiagnosed pain be checked out by a medically trained professional.

Pain is, of course an all too real physical phenomena. But ultimately the experience of pain from anywhere in the body is perceived in the brain. Your experience of pain is always entwined with your mental attititudes and perspectives as well as the purely physical.

Pain can feel more intense when we are depressed, anxious or very fearful. When we are deeply relaxed pain can feel much reduced and modified.

The meaning we give to pain

What pain means to us will also affect the way we experience it. For example pain can signify healing as well as pathology. If we feel pain has a constructive meaning then the intensity can feel different. Pain after a mindless street assault will be experienced differently to pain after very beneficial surgery.

Hypnosis has a long history of powerfully reducing pain.  As therapists, we have successfully treated people for cancer pain, repetitive strain injury, pain after accident and injury and the pain of childbirth.  We know how hypnosis can help.

Your Cancer Pain Relief session will teach you the different ways to change and lessen pain. You'll relax deeply and take a ‘rest' from usual thoughts and physical sensations.

Download Cancer Pain Relief now and begin harnessing the immense power of your subconscious mind.

Note: If you purchase this download, all proceeds will be donated to our charity. However, if you are suffering from cancer and cannot afford to buy the download, please contact us for a free copy.

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