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Spring Meadow Relaxation –


Spring Meadow Relaxation –

Have you ever stopped to notice the effect the coming of spring has on you? And on everyone? There's something about the lengthening days and the soft bright light, the burgeoning flowers and trees, the busy nest-making of the birds, the arrival of lambs and calves in the fields and daffodils in the city parks that lifts the spirits out of the winter blues. We all feel a surge of new life, new hope, new potential, new energy.

Why spring affects us the way it does

Which is just as well, because life can sure drag you down. Even the most enthusiastic and positive person can become jaded in the daily struggle to juggle the different demands of life. If you're weary from all the effort you are putting in to make your life what you want it to be, or finding getting out of bed in the morning an uphill struggle, the arrival of spring can put a new ‘spring' in your step. Suddenly, life seem easier.

What a shame spring only comes once a year!

How to make spring more ‘regularly available'

Wouldn't it be great to be able to fill yourself with spring energy whenever you needed it? Imagine what it would be like to feel that burst of new life again while the baking hot days of summer are taking it out of you? Or what about when it's dark and cold and the sky is gray and the actual spring is still a long long way away? Or just when you are feeling low and need an injection of hope and inspiration?

Spring meadow relaxation is an audio hypnosis session which will allow you to do just this. Relaxing comfortably at home, this session will teach you how to relax really deeply and use the powers of your imagination to create a spring experience that you can draw on any time.

And that's not all.

More benefits you can get from relaxing in a spring meadow

Listening to Spring Meadow Relaxation regularly will allow you to effortlessly practise the art of visualization. Visualization and relaxation are two key tools for enhancing health and well-being and improving your creativity. It's rare that something which feels so good to do is actually so good for you.

Download Spring Meadow Relaxation and let it be spring all year round.

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