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Shopping Addiction – Relieve your need for compulsive shopping with gentle, permissive hypnosis


Shopping Addiction – Relieve your need for compulsive shopping with gentle, permissive hypnosis

Do you feel like shopping has become almost an addiction for you?

Would you class yourself as a ‘shopaholic'?

Compulsive shoppers tend to buy more than they need and spend more money than they can afford. But why would you do this? Usually it's an effort to make themselves feel better by meeting missing needs through shopping.

And in the (very) short term, this can work! While you are shopping, you may feel better, but of course, you feel bad for much, much longer afterwards.

Shopping addiction causes more pain than pleasure

Like any addiction, shopaholics soon find that compulsive shopping takes away more than it gives back. These are the sort of things that shopaholics often experience:

  1. Shopping to improve mood
  2. Getting a good feeling when making a purchase, but feeling bad soon after
  3. Posessing many items that have never been used or worn
  4. Suffering with a large and increasing debt, but still shopping compulsively
  5. Feeling depressed after a big shopping trip

As with all addictions, shopping tends to meet a need that is missing elsewhere in the shopaholic's life.

Part of overcoming shopping addiction is meeting those needs in more healthy ways.

How hypnosis can help you overcome shopping addiction

The Overcome Shopping Addiction hypnosis session will help you get some distance on your compulsive shopping habit so that you can be more objective about it and assert more control over it.

The session will also encourage you to meet your needs in a more healthy way and suggest ways that you can do that.

At the moment, stopping shopping so much might actually feel frightening to you, as if you're losing a friend. Hypnosis can ease this feeling and help you look forward to the freedom (and money!) you're going to gain.

Download Overcome Shopping Addiction below and look forward to feeling better about yourself, and your bank balance. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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