Overcome Psychological Impotence or Erectile Disfunction with Hypnosis

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Cure Impotence – Hypnosis is an ideal way to overcome erectile disfunction and relieve sexual performance anxiety

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Cure Impotence – Hypnosis is an ideal way to overcome erectile disfunction and relieve sexual performance anxiety

Have you been finding it difficult or impossible to get or maintain an erection?

Is failure to consummate putting strain on your relationship or wrecking your sex life?

You may have been told by a doctor that you have ‘erectile disfunction' (ED) but that there's no physical cause. If so, hypnosis can be highly effective in getting you firing on all cylinders again.

Two Steps to Dealing with Erectile Disfunction

People often joke about impotence and inability to maintain an erection. But it is no joke if you are the one it is happening to.

However ‘laid back' one may be about sex, this is a deeply personal matter, and it is not easy to ask for help. As a result, many men who encounter this problem put off doing anything about it, and so may find themselves suffering far longer than they need.

First step to treating ED – check out physical causes

There are essentially two things to do if you find yourself having repeated problems with getting or maintaining an erection. The first is to make sure that you deal with any possible physical causes. Erectile disfunction is associated with a number of medical conditions and here you need face your fears and go and talk to your doctor.

You also need to consider other physical factors. For example, too much alcohol can affect sexual performance in the long term as well as the short term. An unhealthy lifestyle – poor diet, insufficient exercise, poor sleeping patterns, too much stress – can also have a negative impact. These are all things you can do something about. Looking after yourself well is always going to be good for your sex life.

Second step to treating ED – deal with psychological factors

The second thing to do is address the psychological factors that can lead to impotence by themselves, or that can aggravate it even where the root cause is physical or medical. Prime psychological factors are the state of the relationship between yourself and your partner, and any stresses or strains you may be under in your personal, social or working life. Don't ignore stress – it has wide impact, including on your sex life.

Every man will experience what it's like not to get an erection sometimes. But it only really becomes a problem when you get stuck on the question “What if it happens again?”

When this question starts to plague you all the time, there are three consequences:

  • it causes stress – not the ideal state for getting or maintaining an erection
  • it gets you mentally rehearsing things ‘going wrong' – which aggravates the problem
  • it makes you focus consciously on getting an erection – exactly the opposite of what you want, which is for it to happen naturally.

The real test for whether erectile disfunction has a psychological component for you is whether you can get an erection at other times – on waking in the morning, for example.

What can you do about this? How can you hand back control to your unconscious mind, where it belongs?

This deeply relaxing session will help calm down the stressful emotional arousal that has become associated with sexual activity and…

  • restore control of sexual function to your unconscious mind
  • reduce any anxiety about sexual performance
  • re-establish the spontaneous response pattern behind erection
  • bring back all the fun and pleasure of good sex

Download Cure Impotence and look forward to enjoying sex again. You can listen from your computer or device, or via our free app that you'll gain access to once you have completed your purchase.

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