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Pre-Game Nerves – Use hypnosis to change how you feel before the big occasion


Pre-Game Nerves – Use hypnosis to change how you feel before the big occasion

It's fine once the game starts right? But the build up is unbearable.

Lost sleep, nausea and nerves all combine to make the sporting experience much less enjoyable than it should be.

Why waste all that energy?

Anticipation is one thing, but the horrendous build up of anxiety is another. You know that you will produce enough adrenaline on the day to raise your game, so why all the nerves beforehand?

Hypnosis is an unbeatable way to train your unconscious mind to respond in the way you want it to. You can get rid of unnecessary nerves and use your brain for more productive things!

Many professional sporting pros have emotional/psychological issues on and off the court (or track) which hinder their performance. The really great ones learn how to either still their emotions or channel them in such a way that they aid performance.

Too much anxiety ruins performance

The fact that you have pre-game nerves show that what you are about to do is important to you. But too much nervousness quickly becomes counter-productive.

High anxiety is there to get us blindly running from threat. So it's stops us thinking (which is why is stops concentration) can make you clumsier (because only the major muscle groups work when we are highly anxious) and can make you feel like you need the bathroom at the most inconvenient times!

At worst, pre-competition nerves can even make you feel frozen to the spot as if you can't move or do anything at all.

Think of nerves and anxiety as a fuel. Like a fuel anxiety can be wasted and misdirected. It can leak energy and so leave you feeling exhausted before you even start! To compete well, you don't need to be too relaxed. Rather a certain balance of excitement will give you absolute readiness, focus and intense building energy.

Pre-game nerves can't be allowed to hinder your performance

Pre-competition nerves need to be refined too just the right level so they work for you and feel like building energy and ever increasing expectation of success and mastery.

The Overcome Pre-Game Nerves session will reprogram your instincts to feel controlled building energy pre-match and extended focus and drive during your game.

Imagine having the confidence every time coming up to competition that you can reliably absolutely do your best.

Download Overcome Pre-Game Nerves now and really enjoy your next big event. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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