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Insecurity in Relationships – How to use hypnosis to conquer your fears so you can enjoy your life together

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Insecurity in Relationships – How to use hypnosis to conquer your fears so you can enjoy your life together

Is your insecurity in relationships threatening to ruin a specific relationship?

Does your fear it will all go wrong lead you to sabotage your chances?

Why relationship insecurity is so painful

Relationships are the most important thing for most people, so it's no surprise that we feel a certain amount of anxiety when we suspect that a relationship is under threat, or when we can't bring ourselves to really believe that this other person truly loves us.

Of course, no relationship is completely trouble free. There will be arguments, there will be stresses and pressures, there will be tough times. But you hope that a well-founded relationship will be strong enough to carry you through such tests.

Past history can contribute to relationship insecurity

The trouble is, sometimes, perhaps because of previous bad experiences you've had, the level of anxiety you feel about your relationship can get so high that the anxiety itself starts to generate problems.

It becomes a cause of trouble rather than a consequence of trouble. And then you really are in trouble, caught in a spiral of painful emotion that leads you to interpret every single thing as a sign that the end is nigh.

Even if it isn't.

How can you calm down your fears so that you can relax with your partner and roll with life's challenges together?

How hypnosis can help you feel more secure

The emotions that drive that feeling of insecurity come from your unconscious mind. In other words, you don't decide to feel that way.

And so, to address them, we need to work directly with the unconscious, which is where hypnosis comes in.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll experience profound changes taking place within you. In particular, you'll notice that:

  • you can ‘step back' and see the relationship as a whole
  • you feel less need to control everything about the relationship
  • you focus more on the positive aspects
  • you can cope more easily with the ups and downs
  • you relax and enjoy yourself much more with your partner.

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