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Fear of Public Bathrooms – Feel calmer and more relaxed when you need to go


Fear of Public Bathrooms – Feel calmer and more relaxed when you need to go

Does the thought of using a public bathroom make you feel anxious?

Do you feel limited by your fear?

Fear of using public bathrooms can negatively impact your life in many ways, including causing you:

  • To miss events or visiting certain places
  • Physical discomfort if you wait until you're home
  • To feel like you're hiding an embarrassing secret

You may be feeling this anxiety because you have a fear of germs or of using the facilities when other people are nearby.

The human need for privacy

And feeling like you can't use the bathroom until you're in a completely private space, with no one else around, is actually the manifestation of a normal human instinct, which we share with many mammals.

It's the instinct to make sure you relieve yourself in a safe place, and it's quite a common source of anxiety.

Put up your defences

And as for a fear of germs, a functioning immune system and washing your hands well are actually your best defences.

Plus, harmful bacteria isn't likely to survive for long on the stark surfaces of a public bathroom.

Put anxiety behind you with hypnosis

Fear of Public Bathrooms is an audio hypnosis session that will equip you with inner resources to overcome your anxiety.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Feel more relaxed about using public bathrooms
  • Feel safer when you do so
  • Feel calmer in general

Download Fear of Public Bathrooms and don't let old anxieties rule your life.

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