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Fear of Numbers – Hypnosis can quickly help you beat anxiety about numbers


Fear of Numbers – Hypnosis can quickly help you beat anxiety about numbers

Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious when you have to deal with numbers in some way?

Do certain specific numbers disturb you when they crop up in your life?

There are two main reasons why numbers induce fear. If you feel you don't really understand math, or can't confidently handle calculations, you might dread situations where you have to use numbers.

If you believe certain numbers (such as 13) have a malign influence, this sets up a self-fulfilling prophecy where you constantly attribute negative occurrences to the influence of those numbers, to your own distress.

Both these fears can be overcome.

A fear of numbers can be a real hindrance

Numbers are vitally useful, and we need them. This is more than ever the case in our increasingly technical world.

Their importance has always been recognized, and arithmetic is a fundamental part of education programs all over the world. Everybody has a right and a need to be able to understand and use numbers effectively.

Most of us have been through a math education intended to equip us to handle the situations where we have to deal with figures.

Nonetheless, a surprisingly large number of people who are perfectly competent in other areas find themselves struggling when it comes to numbers. They may find doing simple calculations difficult, or struggle to understand mortgage rates or statistical information.

Of course, humans have survived hundreds of thousands of years without mortgages or statistics, so you could argue that it's not essential to know how to deal with them.

But in modern life you are seriously hampered if you can't work out if there's a mistake on your phone bill. And you are at risk (quite literally) of being robbed if you don't know how to assess a financial deal some salesman is pressing on you.

Fear of numbers is instilled – not innate

But what many people don't realize is that the trouble they have with numbers is probably not their fault, nor is it a sign that they are lacking in intelligence or competence. Although they often tell themselves “I'm just no good with figures!” the real explanation is more often that they were not well taught.

As a youngster, you have no way of knowing whether a teacher is any good – either as an expert in their subject, or even at teaching itself. You assume that “teacher knows”, and if you struggle, you assume that the problem is on your side.

And if your teachers shout at you or punish you for your failure to “get it right” you feel stupid and confused – which actually makes it harder for you to take in what they are teaching.

If matters are not put right fairly quickly, you can easily be left with a lifelong (but completely misplaced) conviction that you can't hack it with numbers.

You associate numbers with feeling pressured and anxious and so any time you have to use them, you feel uncomfortable and inadequate – which doesn't make for clear thinking. So it's hardly surprising if you try to avoid them.

(It is important to distinguish a learnt fear of numbers from dyscalculia – the numerical equivalent of dyslexia).

How hypnosis can help overcome a fear of numbers

The good news is that both kinds of fear of numbers can be overcome, no matter how long they have been in place.

In both cases, the most effective way to achieve this is by changing the association that has been made in your mind between numbers and distress. And the fastest way by far to change deep rooted negative associations is with hypnosis.

Overcome Fear of Numbers is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will tackle your anxieties at the root – deep in your unconscious mind.

As you relax repeatedly to the powerful hypnotic suggestions, you'll quickly notice that

  • a deep calm fills your mind – and stays with you
  • your old anxieties no longer trouble you
  • thinking about numbers begins to feel comfortable (and even enjoyable!)
  • you start to find ways to develop your math skills appropriately
  • you feel increasingly confident in situations involving numbers

Download Overcome Fear of Numbers and get ready to enjoy using them with freedom and confidence.You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app that you will be able to access when you have completed your purchase.

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