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Fear of Doctors – Face seeing the doctor with cool, calm, collected confidence


Fear of Doctors – Face seeing the doctor with cool, calm, collected confidence

Going to the doctor – whatever the reason – can be daunting, even if you have the friendliest, smartest doctor on the planet (in which case, lucky you!).

Although medical check-ups are often compared to servicing your car, this analogy can only get you so far. A car doesn’t have feelings. Or dreams. Or nightmares. Or dependants.

You do.

So to overcome fear of doctors and get the best from them you need to honour this difference.

You need a doctor like you need a mechanic – in some ways

Of course, the car analogy is apposite in some regards. Even if you have a top of the range model, you know that you should have its functions regularly checked. Does it run smoothly? How is the fuel consumption?

What about emissions? Are the brakes safe? Are there any warning lights on the dashboard? What remedial steps need to be taken? Is this vehicle still roadworthy? Does it need specialist intervention?

It’s no different for a healthy human body. You know it makes sense to keep an eye on your diet, your digestion, your eyesight, your hearing, your blood pressure, your sleep, your exercise.

Much of this you can do yourself, but sometimes you need outside help. And if you’re noticing ‘warning lights’ – unexplained symptoms that don’t quickly clear up by themselves – you know it’s time to get expert advice from a doctor.

‘Doctor fears’ grow out of experience and imagination

But now those factors that distinguish you from an insensate machine really kick in. Your life history includes previous experiences of health problems. You know people who have had serious illnesses.

You may have had fraught experiences with doctors in the past. You can imagine the impact of illness on your life and your family. So worrying about what the doctor might say is altogether natural.

Misusing your imagination can seriously damage your health

Human beings have powerful imaginations. We can construct amazingly convincing scenarios for ourselves, starting from very little information – or even none. We’re particularly good at creating disaster scenarios, and imagining the worst.

This can be useful if it encourages us to take the necessary steps to avert the imagined disaster. But if instead we frighten ourselves into inaction, we are really misusing our imagination.

Using hypnosis to master your imagination and overcome fear

So the way to overcome fear of doctors and go and get the help and advice that you might need is to take charge of your imagination and guide it in the right direction.

The best way to direct your imagination in a healthy direction is to use the power of hypnosis – the key to the most powerful learning states that we know of.

Overcome Fear of Doctors is an audio hypnotherapy session which is focused directly on using the powers of your imagination to still your fears and allow you to approach your doctor calmly and confidently.

The Overcome Fear of Doctors hypnosis session aims first to help you reduce your anxiety level generally. It is well known that anxiety clouds your mind, and makes it difficult for you to think clearly and make good decisions.

By helping you to relax really deeply, it allows you to access a state of inner clarity and peace. You will learn a powerful method of relaxing yourself in any circumstance.

The session then concentrates on helping you use your imagination to its full power to establish a more beneficial ‘template’ to underpin any interaction you might have with health professionals. You will learn how to feel confident, ask searching questions, and absorb the information you are given so that you can make wise healthcare decisions.

Download Overcome Fear of Doctors and ensure that you can comfortably make the most of all medical services and advice. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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