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Organize Your Thinking – A hypnosis audio to help you focus your mind and ignore distractions


Organize Your Thinking – A hypnosis audio to help you focus your mind and ignore distractions

Not being able to focus and deeply concentrate means that your life won't be what it could be.

When you can organize and collect your thoughts you become master of your own focus of attention.

You stop becoming so easily distracted by TV, phone calls or the dictates and demands of your own emotional mind.

How modern life scatters focus of mind

Fast cutting TV, constant phone calls, texts and emails, demanding people all vie for your attention and fracture your focus.

If you lead this kind of busy life you may find that when you do have a quiet hour to concentrate on what you want to achieve, your mind, having been ‘trained' and conditioned by constant distraction, starts to distract your flow of thought.

There are many traditional eastern mind training systems designed to train people to master the contents of their minds and to be able to focus at will.

From Chinese calligraphy to the Japanese tea ceremony and Indian meditative techniques, the tradition for purposefully organizing the chaotic contents of consciousness is long established. But only recently have we in the West started to explore the possibilities of starting to command our own minds.

Shepherding your mind

With all the stimulation around, thoughts can race about in your mind and it becomes difficult to slow down enough to focus. Yet if we think for a moment of a shepherd on a hillside, he has to collect, organize and direct all the different sheep so that they all go in the same direction.

If you are trying to concentrate but become constantly distracted by random thoughts, concerns, ideas or memories then, like the shepherd with scattered undirected sheep, you'll end up wandering but not actually getting anywhere.

How hypnosis can aid ordered thought

The Organized Scattered Thinking session is here to get your mind in order – to more easily put away unnecessary mental distractions so you can more easily direct your mind to success.

The gentle, permissive hypnosis in this session will calm your mind and train you how to create and maintain calm, focused thought on one thing at a time. It will help you make decisions on what you want to achieve and to stay focused on that goal over time.

Download Organize Scattered Thinking now and get your mind in shape. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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