Myofascial pain – how can I get comfortable with it?

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Myofascial Pain –


Myofascial Pain –

If you've arrived at this page it is unlikely to be by accident. Nobody looks up ‘myofascial pain syndrome' who hasn't been told they might have it, or knows someone who has it.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do to help yourself feel better in spite of myofascial pain.

What is myofascial pain?

Myofascial pain, put simply, is pain affecting muscles and connective tissue (‘fascia') which is more localised than fibromyalgia. It is characterised by having ‘trigger points' – particularly sensitive areas in the muscles which seem to ‘set off' the pain when they are touched or pressed.

Myofascial pain is one of the commonest pain conditions, and nearly everyone experiences it in some form at some time.

Your doctor is best placed to tell you what treatment is best for you, as myofascial pain syndrome can affect many different parts of the body and treatment will depend upon where and how precisely you experience it.

Hypnosis and pain relief

The link between mind and body is nowhere clearer than in hypnosis and pain relief. It has long been known that the body responds physically to what the mind currently imagines as ‘true'. Simply conjuring up an image of your favorite food in your mind (yum, yum) can cause your mouth to water. That is, you activate your salivary glands by holding the presence of that food as ‘true' – even temporarily.

Studies have shown that people can alter their blood flow, their heart rate, and their blood pressure through using their imagination.

So learning how to use your imagination to improve your levels of comfort could be the most useful skill you ever master.

Myofascial pain relief through your ears

Myofascial pain takes all the hassle out of learning how to use hypnosis to relieve pain. Used in conjunction with your medical treatment, it will allow you to safely enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and learn how to automatically help yourself to feel more comfortable.

Download Myofascial Pain and give yourself a new experience of comfort.

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