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Let this relaxing, hypnotic story help your child find their inner love for music

Is getting your child to practice their instrument like pulling teeth?

Wouldn't it be great if they didn't think of practicing music as just another chore, like cleaning up?

Mastering musical instruments brings a wide range of benefits to children. Studies show it enhances brain function, improves speech development, and helps with memory and attention.1

It can also instill a lifelong appreciation for music and provide a skill they can enjoy for years to come.

But not every child enjoys practicing.

Why kids won't practice

If you've ever tried to get your kid to practice their instrument, you've probably run into several unhappy scenarios. Sometimes, it might be a breeze. But often, you're probably met with bad attitudes, stony stares, slamming doors, or flat avoidance.

Regular practice is a form of self-discipline and that's not something most kids are known for.

What's worse, rewards like the promise of extra dessert, or punishments like an earlier bedtime usually lose their power with repetition.

Even if you can get your kids to practice, simply going through the motions doesn't lead to great results. The real benefits of practice come from engaged, intentional work.

Hypnosis provides a new path to getting your child to practice. It uses the subconscious to change the way your child thinks about their instrument and practice. It helps them connect to the activity on a deeper level and get more enjoyment out of playing music.

How a relaxing story can help your child approach practice in a new way

Practice Your Instrument for Kids is an audio download created especially for young children who are finding it difficult to be motivated to practice. It uses the device of embedded storytelling to ‘mirror' the child's situation and suggest a way through. Repeated listening will enable the child to unconsciously absorb and integrate the idea that they master the skills they need through practice and determination.

Download Practice Your Instrument for Kids and help your child discover their inner love of music. Your child can listen on their computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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