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Coping With Disfigurement – How hypnosis can help you become more comfortable and confident with your disfigurement


Coping With Disfigurement – How hypnosis can help you become more comfortable and confident with your disfigurement

Dealing with disfigurement can feel like a very big challenge. Whether you were born with your disfigurement, or have only recently acquired it, you have undoubtedly noticed that it makes you question your own and others' attitudes.

People's reactions to you may seem (often quite unintentionally) cruel. Your confidence in yourself may take a battering. It wouldn't be surprising if you sometimes feel you just want to hide.

The impact of the ideal of perfection on disfigurement

And there's more to disfigurement than just coping with other people's reactions. We live in a world where physical perfection is always being presented to us as the ideal we must all strive for. Someone who has been disfigured from birth or through injury or illness can feel doubly excluded, and ‘inferior'.

So how can you begin to feel more comfortable with how you look?

Dealing with disfigurement and ‘appearances'

Well, that questioning of attitudes mentioned above is key. Simply focusing on how bad it feels to be treated ‘differently', or how ‘unfair' people are to do this (even though it is unfair) sets you on a downward spiral. It is more helpful to look very hard at the assumption that appearance is all important. And see it for what it is – an illusion.

Learning to keep ‘appearance' in its proper place in the context of a total life will free you from the imaginary restrictions of not looking like other people. You are not defined by your disfigurement. And nor is your life.

Changing lifetime habits to feel comfortable with disfigurement

However, changing the unthinking responses of a lifetime presents its own challenges. Your own attitudes have been slowly and unconsciously created over the whole of your life experience. Rarely have you made a conscious choice to adopt a particular attitude. Like all of us, you have been subject to the influence of family, friends, school, and society at large. It takes more than willpower to break out of such patterns.

You can change your attitudes with hypnosis

Discarding old unwanted patterns and creating new desirable ones is most effectively done using the abilities that established the first set of patterns. That means consciously deciding to use your unconscious powers. Hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way to achieve this.

Dealing With Disfigurement will teach you how to use the abilities that you have within you to create and embed templates for living. It will help you enter a state of deep relaxation which has been proven to enhance our capacity to learn and change – a sort of ideal learning state. You will learn how to review certain significant experiences around disfigurement and apply a new ‘template' to them.

By listening repeatedly to Dealing With Disfigurement you will quickly acquire mastery of the process of embedding beneficial changes in your patterns for thinking and behaviour. The process is both enjoyable and highly enlightening. You will quickly begin to feel very differently about how you look – and very differently about other people's responses.

Download Dealing With Disfigurement and start feeling better. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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