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Let Go Of The Past – How hypnosis can set your mind free to make the most of your future

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Let Go Of The Past – How hypnosis can set your mind free to make the most of your future

Do you regularly get lost in sad or bitter thoughts about past events in your life?

Does it often seem like it's not worth trying because it will only all ‘turn out badly again'?

We human beings are always looking for patterns in our experience. It's how we make sense of the world. “This is like that,” we notice, and then we proceed to treat ‘that‘ as if it was actually ‘this‘.

This system works pretty well for most things and has been a driver of our evolutionary success as a species. It helps us to decide more easily what course of action to take in the face of new situations and experiences.

Why is it sometimes so hard to let go of the past, even when you try?

In individual cases you can sometimes get a problematic mismatch between ‘this‘ and ‘that‘ – as if a sort of ‘system error' occurs in your mental software. This typically happens when strong emotions are involved.

You will be most sharply aware of, and will most vividly remember, things about which you have strong feelings. And those patterns will therefore influence your choices more strongly than others.

So if certain troubling or sad events or situations in your life history were also highly emotional for you, they can loom rather large in your mind and make you hyper-sensitive to similar seeming patterns in the present.

You make a link between things in the past and things that feel similar in the present – even if they are not really similar at all. As if you are ‘tarring everything with the same brush'.

For example, someone who was previously in a very unhappy relationship may find themselves inexplicably getting feelings of fear or anger like those they used to have in the old relationship, even if their current relationship is good. They make a faulty link between the old and the new situation based on a learned pattern of relationship (‘it sucks') which can then cause unexpected difficulties in the current relationship.

To let go of the past, you need to change how you feel about it

Of course, you can't ‘unhappen' what happened in your past. So are you doomed to live with such faulty links and their undesirable consequences for ever? Are you stuck with going over and over what happened and wishing it was otherwise?

No, because, although you cannot rewrite history, you can change how you feel about it. And you can do this by taking the emotional charge out of the memories. This involves making an emotional shift inside yourself and finding a healthier, more positive perspective on those past events.

And the easiest and most effective way to make such a change is by using hypnosis – a wonderful tool for comfortably modifying apparently ‘locked in' behaviors and attitudes, one which evolution has given you alongside your ‘pattern match' system. It's what you might call the ‘system tools' for dealing with the ‘system errors'.

Hypnosis can help you see your past in a new light

Let Go of the Past is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists which will transform your battle to escape your history into a wonderfully comfortable experience of inner transformation that will bring new freedom and energy to your life.

As you use this download regularly, you will begin to notice more and more that you

  • think less and less frequently about sad or painful past events
  • spend more time focusing on your present and future life
  • feel more detached and at ease when old memories do come to mind
  • sense a great boost of energy and enthusiasm for life
  • enjoy yourself more

Download Let Go of the Past and set your future free. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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