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Running Endurance – Increase your running endurance with this advanced hypnosis session.


Running Endurance – Increase your running endurance with this advanced hypnosis session.

Are you a runner looking for ways to increase your running endurance?

Do you struggle with those times when you feel like just giving up and coming to a stop?

If you get cramps or a strain or some other injury then of course it's wise to stop and rest rather than keep on.

But if you hear that insistent little voice in your head tempting you to stop, saying “Come on! Why bother? Just stop! Nobody will know!” you might want to know how to get it to shut up so you can keep going.

Of course, the more you run, the greater your stamina will be, but it can still feel tough sometimes to keep on when you feel like stopping. This is when the psychological aspects of running really come into their own. This is when you have to ‘dig deep' in order to tap into the well within and draw on your capacity to endure and reach your goal, no matter what.

What you need to do to increase your running endurance

But in order to be able to do that consistently and on demand, you need to establish where your well is, and how to draw what you want from it at need.

You need to be able to get yourself ‘into the zone'. And stay there till you're done.

Why hypnosis is a great way to get in the running zone

Keep Running is an audio hypnosis session devised by sports psychologists that will train your mind in how to combine intense physical action with utter tranquility of mind.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session between runs, you'll notice that:

  • your capacity to maintain mental focus steadily increases
  • you can enter ‘flow' more quickly and reliably
  • you can hold a state of flow longer, and re-establish it if necessary
  • you have noticeably more determination and stamina
  • you become more resilient to the different demands of your runs
  • your runs become more satisfying and rewarding, bringing a rich sense of achievement.

Download Keep Running now and take yourself to a new level. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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