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Learn from a Pro – Supercharge the learning process with hypnosis


Learn from a Pro – Supercharge the learning process with hypnosis

Are you trying to learn something that requires a lot of time and effort?

Is there someone you admire that you would love to learn this new skill from?

Throughout history, humans have passed down knowledge through apprenticeships.

Someone wanting to learn a profession would work with a master for a long period of time, gradually picking up the necessary knowledge and skills.

Research backs up instinctive learning

Instead of consciously trying to remember new knowledge and skills, students would pick them up through osmosis.

And in the early 1990s, researchers (1) discovered that the brain contains mirror neurons, which enable us to unconsciously copy someone else's behaviour, especially if we are interested in what they are doing.

Accelerate your learning with hypnosis

And there's another way to learn, too.

Have you ever found that if you go to sleep soon after learning something new, you feel even more confident in your new skill the next day?

This is because during the REM state, the time during sleep when you dream, things you learned during the day are integrated into your unconscious mind.

And hypnosis is closely linked to the REM state, which means it's an ideal way to integrate learning.

Learn Fast from a Pro is an audio hypnosis session that will take your mind through its natural learning processes, so you can retain knowledge quickly and efficiently.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that:

  • You begin to learn quickly and on a deep level
  • Your skill levels improve dramatically
  • The learning process becomes much easier.

Download Learn Fast from a Pro and enjoy mastering new skills that will be with you for life.

1. The mind's mirror

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