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Improve Posture – How hypnosis can help your unconscious mind keep you properly upright


Improve Posture – How hypnosis can help your unconscious mind keep you properly upright

We all know we should improve our posture, but posture is one of those things that suffers when we're busy doing other things.

So how can you improve your posture without having to think about it all the time?

Modern life breeds poor posture

In these times of decreased physical activity we spend vast amounts of time sitting behind wheels of a car, computers and in front of the TV.

Poor posture can result in back ache, neck pain, the appearance of looking older and unhealthy, pain, tiredness and muscular stiffness-even poorer blood circulation. Even breathing is affected by the way we sit, stand and walk.

The many benefits of improved posture

Improved posture not only makes you look more confident, vigorous and youthful but gets you feeling more alive too. When you improve your posture you feel more relaxed, healthier and more comfortable. You even feel a little taller!

Whether you need to improve posture whilst sitting, standing, walking or lifting you first need to consciously focus on better posture. Then your unconscious mind needs to embed the good posture habit so that it becomes second nature.

Hypnosis is the ‘glue' that sticks a new habit and makes it instinctive so you don't even need to think about it. This is how you can improve your posture automatically.

Improve Posture is a gentle, permissive hypnotherapy session that will make good posture a habit for you.

Download Improve Posture now and protect your health for the years to come. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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