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Stop Thumb Sucking – Sucking your thumb is an unconscious habit, so why not use hypnosis to stop it?


Stop Thumb Sucking – Sucking your thumb is an unconscious habit, so why not use hypnosis to stop it?

When you suck your thumb, do you think “now I'm going to suck my thumb” and then do it?

Of course not, it's totally unconscious, you do it without thinking. It's unconscious.

And this is why conscious efforts to stop don't work. “I must stop sucking my thumb” is a conscious decision.

What you need to do is to transfer that conscious decision to your unconscious mind.

Which is where hypnosis comes in.

But why do adults suck their thumb anyway?

Thumb sucking is nature's way of getting us ‘off mother's nipple'. It is an activity that let's babies ‘come off' the nipple gently for a while.

When breast feeding stops thumb sucking may continue until the baby becomes used to drawing its nutrition more independently by eating and drinking for itself. Until it's weaned.

But then later in life, children or adults may find themselves thumb sucking in times of stress or when they seek comfort or reassurance.

When do you suck your thumb?

Perhaps you find yourself thumb sucking just occasionally, when you feel bored, lonely or tired.

Or maybe you suck your thumb almost constantly the way some people chain smoke.

Whatever the pattern or reason it can be embarrassing and humiliating if others notice and difficult to resist the urge sometimes.

It is time to quit?

You know it's got to stop sometime or you wouldn't be here. You don't want to be thumb sucking in 5,10,15,20 years time!

The Stop Thumb Sucking hypnosis session will help you transfer your conscious decision to stop to your unconscious mind, and help you find other ways to self comfort when you need it.

The session uses gentle, permissive hypnosis which will relax you deeply (although you'll still be aware what is happening) and take you through a process much like guided meditation to help you stop that old out-of-date habit.

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