How to Stop Self Harming with Hypnosis

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Stop Self Harm – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to overcome your self harming


Stop Self Harm – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to overcome your self harming

Our experience treating people who self harm has shown that self harm often starts because of a feeling of desperation, depression or anxiety.

That, or because lots of other people around you are doing it or a combination of these two reasons.

Actually self harm is an addiction. It works like any habitual pattern of behavior that starts to feel compulsive.

How self harm works

  1. First there is a build up of tension and stress (or even boredom) then there is the thought of cutting
  2. Then comes the opportunity to self harm – maybe because no one else is around.
  3. The tension and urge to self-harm become stronger and stronger.
  4. Perhaps next you try to stop yourself but the urge seems stronger then ever.
  5. You start to ‘trance out' and maybe things start to seem a bit unreal as your focus narrow onto the self harm.
  6. You harm yourself.
  7. And when you have cut yourself you get a chemical release as your body's natural opiate painkillers are released.
  8. Afterwards you may feel relief followed by self disgust that you've ‘gone and done it again.'

Self harm follows the pattern of any addictive and repetitive behavior.

Getting help is essential

It's important that if you have been self harming to tell someone sympathetic because you can do serious damage to yourself. A qualified professional should be able to help you. Use any help you get in conjunction with this hypnosis session.

Constant self harm such as cutting can result in unsightly scars which sometimes cause others to think it is done as a ‘cry for help' to signal unhappiness to others.

But skin grafts and unsightly skin is not really what the cutter wants. They simply feel there is no choice but to cut.

Stop Self Harming will help you to relax and give your unconscious mind the chance to unlearn the old self harm pattern so that your skin has its right to health and life recognized and you can begin to thrive as a person.

You will be able to get distance on the sadness and desperation that is driving you to self harm, and help you step out of the addictive drive to do it.

Download Stop Self Harming now and learn new ways to cope with emotional distress. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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