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Stop Nervous Laughter – Stop this uncomfortable habit landing you in embarrassing situations


Stop Nervous Laughter – Stop this uncomfortable habit landing you in embarrassing situations

Do you tend to laugh at inopportune moments? Does a fit of giggling seem to just descend on you when serious matters are afoot?

Do you find that the presence of certain people turns your normally straightforward manner of speaking into a sort of juvenile hysteria? Have other people told you that you ‘always giggle', when you yourself are unaware of it?

What is nervous laughter all about?

Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety – just like sweaty palms or a raised heart-rate. It's not something you consciously choose to do.

Nervous laughter has nothing to do with your sense of humor, and can overcome you at the unfunniest of times. Those are the most embarrassing times, too, naturally.

When nervous laughing becomes a habit – you're in trouble

Of course, anyone can be caught off guard and find themselves laughing inappropriately at something that everyone else is taking seriously.

But when it becomes a habitual response – something you always do – it becomes more than a one-off aberration that you can safely ignore. It can get in your way socially and professionally, and leave you feeling uncomfortably unsure of yourself.

What can be done to overcome a tendency to inappropriate laughter?

Getting control of nervous laughter and getting rid of the giggles

Well, the first thing is to take a good look at the sorts of circumstances that set you off. Is there a pattern to them? Is it always with certain people? Or perhaps when you feel required to ‘perform' in a particular way?

Are there occasions when you know it definitely won't happen? What's different about those times?

When you start to think about the matter in this way, you can stop just labeling yourself as ‘a giggler', and begin to make some choices about changing the way you think about (and respond to) ‘challenging' events.

You may want to look at ways of boosting your self-confidence, or you may consider changing how you interact with the individuals who seem to trigger you.

Using hypnosis to stop nervous laughing – and build self-confidence

In addition, you can set to work on modifying the habit of responding with nervous laughter. Habits are not easy to change by will-power alone, as they are unconscious behaviors that have become deeply embedded.

If you really want to change an unconscious behavior pattern like nervous giggles, you need to use tools which work at the unconscious level – like hypnosis.

Stop Nervous Laughing is an audio hypnosis session which has the combined benefit of improving your self-confidence and helping you eradicate unwanted patterns and replace them with more useful behaviors.

Repeated listening to Stop Nervous Laughing will get you feeling a deep inner calm that will enhance your life in many ways. You will learn how to relax around stress-rousing situations.

And you'll discover that ingrained habits that you thought unchangeable can melt away – leaving you free to live your life how you want to.

Download Stop Nervous Laughing now and be confident you won't offend or embarrass again. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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