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Lip Biting – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis help you stop biting your lip on the inside


Lip Biting – Let gentle, permissive hypnosis help you stop biting your lip on the inside

Is the first thing you know about lip biting when it starts to bleed?

Most people with a lip biting problem say they don't notice themselves doing it until it's too late.

And by then unconscious lip biting has caused swollen, torn and sore lips.

And to make matters worse, as well as horrible looking and sore lips, when the lower lip is repeatedly bitten the upper teeth are forced to move abnormally.

This can stop the front teeth from fitting together properly. If this is prolonged, orthodontic problems can result causing pain and damage to the teeth and face.

The trouble is you don't know you're doing it – it's not a conscious activity which is why hypnosis can help break the habit. Hypnosis deals with habits which are not consciously controlled.

Why does lip biting feel good?

Biting your lips may be triggered by various situations, for example tension, boredom, loneliness can all trigger a lip biting episode. And like any behavior it can come to feel strangely satisfying after a while, even though it hurts!

This is because your brain learns to set up expectation, the biting happens and that expectation is fulfilled – just like the expectation fulfillment mechanism that occurs when an addict gets their fix!

Lip biting is destructive and damages face tissue and teeth as much as it does the lips themselves. So any satisfactions derived from lip biting are of course outweighed by the damage done.

How hypnosis can help your lips!

So how do you stop biting your lips if you don't know you're doing it?

This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is the perfect tool for changing unconscious behavior. That is, things you do without noticing.

The Stop Lip Biting download will help you relax deeply and comfortably and then gently re-educate your mind to stop the unwanted behavior.

You will enjoy deep, peaceful relaxation where you will still be aware of what is going on, and the hypnosis session will re-educate your unconscious mind to express itself in a less damaging way.

Download Stop Lip Biting now and look forward to enjoying healthy attractive lips again. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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