How to Stop Being Such a Perfectionist

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Overcome Perfectionism – Overcome perfectionism with this gentle hypnosis audio and start enjoying life a whole lot more


Overcome Perfectionism – Overcome perfectionism with this gentle hypnosis audio and start enjoying life a whole lot more

It's great to have high standards for yourself and for others up to a point.

But in the long run, perfectionism is a losing strategy. You will probably already know about the stress, anxiety and possibly depression that it causes, and the strain it can put on relationships.

The fact is you can still have huge drive, determination and ambition without tyrannizing yourself and possibly others with the ‘absolutist' tendency of perfectionism.

Perfectionism sucks the enjoyment from achievement

If you have perfectionist expectations of yourself then you constantly feel dissatisfied or ‘a failure' even when others think you did a great job.

You may find that your perfectionist expectations of others turn you into a control freak and that you constantly feel let down and disappointed by them.

No wonder that perfectionism, as a personality trait, is a predictor of clinical depression

In most things, there is no ‘perfect'

The ‘if it's not absolutely perfect then it's a disaster‘ approach to life is also known as ‘black and white' thinking. With black or white thinking there are no shades of gray. Everything is completely this or completely that. Does that sound familiar?

The trouble is that life is composed of shades of gray. If you expect perfection all the time then you will always be disappointed and your self-esteem will suffer.

Because everything could have been done better in retrospect. Neil Armstrong could have landed more elegantly on the Moon, the fastest ever one hundred meter sprint could have been a fraction of a second quicker and Shakespeare's sonnets could have been even more lyrical!

The trick is to know when to be ‘all or nothing' and when to relax and see the shades of gray so you can ‘give credit' to yourself and others for the effort and the attempt.

How hypnosis can help you being so perfectionistic

Your general attitudes to life and your instincts are housed in your unconscious mind. The drive to perfectionism isn't something you consciously decide on, it's just there.

Hypnosis is the art of communicating with the unconscious mind, and the Overcome Perfectionism session contains suggestions, ideas and metaphors to update your unconscious with new ways of looking at life.

Overall, what we're aiming at here is to give you more choice. There are times when a perfectionist approach is the right one (for example, when wiring an electrical socket!), but you need to be able to choose when you employ it, not have it forced upon you.

Download ‘Overcome Perfectionism‘ now and start getting much more satisfaction from life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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