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Overcome Superstition – Hypnosis can help reduce the anxiety around ignoring superstition and free up your life


Overcome Superstition – Hypnosis can help reduce the anxiety around ignoring superstition and free up your life

Many people who don't think of themselves as particularly superstitious will still cross their fingers for luck. Or find a four-leaf clover and feel sure good things are about to happen.

Or ‘touch wood' when they have just expressed a hope for a happy outcome. Or go out of their way to walk around a ladder, even if it would actually be safer to pass underneath.

These little rituals of magic are so much part of our culture that we hardly notice them – or question them. But superstitious thinking can rule – and wreck – your life.

The origins of superstition

Many superstitions are very ancient, and this fact itself seems to give superstition a kind of ‘authority'. We quite commonly think that if people have believed something for a long time, it's probably true. This is false logic, of course.

The magical thinking that underlies superstitions came out of the ignorance of ancient societies, as they tried to make sense of the world, and gain some control over what happened in the world.

As time went on, we have learned much about the laws of cause and effect, and many old beliefs have been laid aside and replaced with a more scientific understanding. But beliefs are more than just rational decisions. There is always an emotional aspect, and especially so when it comes to beliefs about our own fate. This is why so many superstitious practices survive, in the teeth of evidence.

The trouble with superstition

Life is a challenge and presents us with many seemingly insuperable difficulties to overcome. Our anxieties about how we will cope make us susceptible to magical thinking, which seems to offer relief from our worries. Just perform this magic ritual, just avoid this or that type of event, and all will be well.

But superstitious thinking like this leads you to attribute both your successes and your failures to something outside yourself. It means you are held back from developing your own inner strengths, abilities, and confidence. And that means, in effect, that you are held back from achieving and enjoying what could be yours.

Why overcoming superstition will take you forward in so many ways

When you understand how superstitious practices are really affecting your life, and learn to act independently of these non-scientific notions, you will be able to enjoy a much greater confidence in yourself. You will also become calmer and more objective generally.

Overcome Superstition will help you to really relax around the uncertainties of life (which you share with every other human being). You will learn how to easily and calmly review your past behaviour and establish a new and independent blueprint for how you want to be.

Download Overcome Superstition now and free yourself from outmoded thoughts and ideas. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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