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Stop Being Selfish – Hypnosis can help you adjust you attitude so that selfishness no longer feels like the way to go


Stop Being Selfish – Hypnosis can help you adjust you attitude so that selfishness no longer feels like the way to go

It has been said that selfishness is the great curse of the human race. Certainly to live selfishly is to be shut off from life; to be blind to the perspectives, needs and concerns of others.

Toxic selfishness

We know that being selfish is bad for you psychologically and becoming less selfish makes you happier.

So, paradoxically, true self-interest happens when you become less selfish. The point is it helps others but it also helps you to be less selfish.

People who help others and, for example, do charitable work suffer less illness and have better immune function (1). It seems that nature intended us to thrive if we are not too selfish.

Selfish people don’t mean to be selfish but it’s just that they are so wrapped up in their own world that other peoples’ needs and view points can go entirely unappreciated.

Very young children can be seen as ego-centric and at a certain stage this is natural even desirable for survival purposes. Being totally self absorbed when you are so young and vulnerable is natural up to a certain age.

Developing as a person

But to thrive and truly connect to life you need to start really appreciating the view points, concerns and needs of people around you.

If your entire focus is yourself you have no capacity left to focus on the world. In a sense if you are too selfish you miss your own life going by.

It’s as if you are passing by beautiful scenery but just looking at the car upholstery. When you become less selfish you start looking beyond and outward and that’s where life is.

Overcome Selfishness will get you more focused on being less self preoccupied and more giving and outward focused for the benefit of yourself but also, of course, for the people you connect with in life.

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(1) Robert Ornstein (PHD) and David Sobel ‘Healthy Pleasures’ 1990 Perseus Publishing; Reprint edition (January 21, 1990) pgs 103-109 ISBN-10: 020152385X

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