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Stop Being Lazy – How you can use hypnosis to motivate you at a deep, unconscious level


Stop Being Lazy – How you can use hypnosis to motivate you at a deep, unconscious level

Why would you want to stop being lazy? Laziness has lots going for it! Indolence allows you to take life easy and to put off things which seem like a lot of effort.

It can be fun to lie around, spend your time watching TV, surfing through cyberspace, playing games and otherwise filling your day with ‘chewing gum for the brain'. Isn't there far too much pressure to ‘get on with things', anyway?

Don't be seduced by social pressure to do more

It's true that the pressure to achieve more and get more done and generally be a ‘successful' person (whatever that is!) can feel intolerable at times, and rebelling against having to measure up to a social norm dictated by other people can be a good thing.

But it's also true that there are things that you do want to get on with, and make progress with, for your own very good reasons.

Can you stop being lazy?

And it's when you see those projects languishing, when you find yourself feeling lethargic and drained when you haven't even done anything, that you begin to feel disappointed and frustrated about the grip laziness has on you, and how it draws you away from what you know, in your heart of hearts, you really want to do.

And that's when you begin to wonder how to stop being lazy. And if you can.

The way out of the trap of laziness

To escape, you need two things. You need to understand what your ‘laziness' really is and stop telling yourself it's something else.

And you need a powerful method of reprogramming your brain to develop a model for ‘what to do right now' which allows you to do what you really want to do – and to rest and take it easy appropriately along the way.

The truth is that laziness is a cheat. It's a siren that promises you gratifications and rewards which it ultimately fails to deliver. Doing nothing looks very appealing, but in the end leaves you depressed and hollow.

But overcoming laziness is not about condemning yourself to endless ‘busyness' either. It's about seeing through the false enticement and learning how to build a powerful inner commitment to yourself.

Using hypnosis to build a deep commitment to your personal goals

Stop Being Lazy is an audio hypnosis session which uses a compelling hypnotic process to clear your mind of the fog (or perhaps swamp would be a better word) engendered by laziness.

As you relax deeply to carefully formulated hypnotic suggestions, you'll find yourself easily developing a powerful new awareness of who, and what, you want to be in your deepest self.

From this basis, you will find yourself almost effortlessly developing a new vision and drive that will carry you through the projects you want to see succeed, even when the going gets tough.

At the same time, you will subconsciously master the art of true relaxation, which is the balancing point between directed activity and restorative rest.

Download Stop Being Lazy now and get to work. On the right thing. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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