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Workaholic – Use this powerful hypnosis audio to break your addiction to work and regain a work-life balance


Workaholic – Use this powerful hypnosis audio to break your addiction to work and regain a work-life balance

Are you a workaholic?

Do you feel stressed, even sad, if you think you're not going to be able to work.

A workaholic is addicted to work and work addiction leads to long term stress which is a major factor in ill health.

There is value in hard work of course, but are you working at the expense of your life?

Focusing on goals, being driven and success orientated gets you places but workaholics often find that when they get where they were aiming for, there is nothing there.

Workaholics often neglect family, friends, other interests, sleep, exercise and time to be creative (which can help their work life) because of the obsessive need to work.

Workaholics and perfectionism

Having high standards is good, but if you constantly require perfection from yourself or others then you tend to become a tyrannical bully, even if you end up just bullying yourself.

And even if you're not perfectionistic, getting all your needs met through work is not good for you, or those around you. Work addiction narrows your life down to a pale shadow of what it could be.

Workaholics and work-life balance

Being a workaholic can mean you may achieve great things, but more people achieve great things without being addicted to work.

Workaholism, as with all addictions, has diminishing returns. This means that the more you do of whatever you are addicted to, the more you have to do to feel the same buzz or just to feel ‘normal.'

You need time away from work where you are both psychologically and physically distanced from it. If you are still obsessing about work, or endlessly checking your smartphone when you should be focused on your loved ones, then you are still in work mode.

What you need in life

We all have shared basic needs in life. We all need to feel safe, secure, connected to people around us. We all need to receive and give attention, be stretched and stimulated, intimate with others, a sense of status, fed, rested and watered.

These needs once met make us feel healthy or ‘normal.' If we use work to unconsciously try to meet these needs then we may meet some at the expense of others. And your needs as a human being have to be met in balance.

Meeting some of your needs away from work enables you to have the spare capacity to be more effective when you are actually at work.

So making sure you have a rich and varied social life outside of work, feeling intimately connected to at least one other person (be it relative, partner or best buddy), feeling secure and relaxed, sleeping and eating well will make you feel human and able to put your life into perspective. You are not a machine but even if you were every machine needs downtime sometime.

This Stop Being a Workaholic session will keep you focused on your long term goals even more effectively because it will encourage you to take care of all parts of your life for balance and harmony.

Download the Stop Being a Workaholic hypnosis session now and remember what life is really about. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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