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Stop Arguing – Use hypnosis to get rid of the knee jerk response that causes arguments


Stop Arguing – Use hypnosis to get rid of the knee jerk response that causes arguments

Do you find yourself constantly getting into arguments?

Have you become concerned that arguing is endangering your relationships?

Do you wonder what it would be like not to argue all the time?

The effect of constant argument on relationships

Arguments will occur in every relationship from time to time, of course, but if you have regularly been having arguments, it won't have escaped your notice that this is not good for relationships, and some may even be damaged beyond repair.

If you find yourself arguing all the time with your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend then you'll already know just how hard that can be on your relationship.

When you stop arguing (or at least cut down a whole lot!), you give yourself a real chance to rebuild and strengthen the relationships that matter to you.

When you stop arguing you feel better – literally

As you'll no doubt have noticed, arguing gets us all worked up – so we produce more stress hormones. And although this can give you quite a buzz (and that's why some people actually like arguing), the long term effects of high stress levels on your heart and your blood pressure and your immune system are pretty serious.

So stopping arguing will actually make you feel physically better. (1)

Less argument means less stress

But it's not just the stress hormones that will go down. The stress itself will decrease. Arguing with those around you, even when you genuinely have good cause, is stressful.

Even when you are vigorously defending a view that you are sure is right, you are also aware, at some level, that your relationship with the other person is being damaged.

If that relationship is important to you, you will have been feeling stressed.

Is it really a good idea not to argue?

Stopping arguing can feel scary in some ways. It can feel like abandoning your principles.

If you are a person with strong convictions, it can feel like a betrayal if you don't automatically defend your views, or point out the flaws in other people's positions.

You may also wonder if other people won't see you as weak if you avoid arguments. Such considerations can make it feel hard to let go of the need to argue.

Of course, the truth is that not arguing with someone doesn't necessarily imply that you agree with them. And when you become free of the compulsion to argue about everything, you actually become free to argue, when necessary, about the things that really do matter.

Which means, in fact, that you can honor your principles more effectively.

How to erase a long standing habit of arguing with hypnosis

Changing a lifetime's habit of arguing can feel daunting, but you can dramatically ease the process by letting hypnosis come to your aid.

Hypnosis is the most effective method of working with the unconscious behavior patterns that are so hard to change by willpower alone. Stop Arguing is an audio hypnosis session which focuses exactly on what is needed to become free of the compulsion to argue.

The Stop Arguing session uses a combination of hypnotic approaches to lead you comfortably and effortlessly into a powerfully focused state in which a new paradigm for dealing with disagreement and conflict becomes established in your mind.

It's like creating a new blueprint that your mind will then automatically use in future when faced with situations which formerly led you into destructive argument.

Download Stop Arguing now and begin to enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful (and peaceable) life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(1) In one research study conducted at Stanford University Medical School, heart patients were asked to recall an incident that had made them angry (such as an argument). While they were doing so, their hearts started pumping at least 5% less efficiently. Cardiologists view a drop in pumping efficiency of 7% as severe enough to cause a heart attack! Even more importantly, the patients admitted that when they recalled the angry times, they felt only half as angry as they had felt in the actual time itself. (Ironson et al (1992), ‘Effects of anger on left ventricular ejection fraction in coronary heart disease'. American Journal of Cardiology, 70.)

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