How to Stop Alcohol Abuse Ruining Your Life

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Diminish Alcohol Abuse – Use hypnosis to get an edge on the thing that’s damaging your life

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Diminish Alcohol Abuse – Use hypnosis to get an edge on the thing that's damaging your life

Is alcohol abuse causing havoc in your life?

Has the time come to free yourself from the grip of this destroyer?

You didn't set out to become a heavy drinker

Kids don't go round saying “When I grow up I'm going to be drunk all the time!” Adolescents may drink too much, but only in the same spirit that they do everything ‘too much' – as part of the process of growing up and discovering who they are and what they really want. Excessive drinking isn't a career choice, or even a lifestyle choice.

So how come drink has overtaken your life to the point that it's causing you severe problems – either at work, or socially, or at home, or all three? And how come it's so difficult to stop?

How alcohol gets a grip on you

People get enmeshed in habitual excessive drinking for many different reasons, but in very similar ways. A characteristic pattern seems to play itself out, over and over again.

It's like this con artist turns up at your door. The most charming person you've ever met, so sincere, so generous, so interested in your well-being, so knowledgeable about what will make you feel good, right here, right now. Your friend.

When you're in the presence of this ‘friend', it's as if they cast this charismatic glow over you. Everything they say seems true and indisputable. They agree with everything you say.

You really enjoy their company. Life seems good, troubles seem far away. You don't want the evening to end.

Your toxic friend

In the cold light of next day's hangover (and all the other ill effects), you wonder what on earth's the matter with you. How could you have fallen for that rubbish again? You make a resolution to stop, now, for good, and you really mean it.

But somehow, that ‘friend' only has to show up again when you're feeling a little pressured for your resolution to fly out of the window, like it never existed.

You can defend your resolution with powerful hypnosis, working at the deepest level to protect your health, guide your decisions and keep you sober.

How hypnosis for alcohol abuse works

As you relax and listen repeatedly to the Stop Alcohol Abuse hypnosis session, you will experience some profound changes taking place within you. You'll notice that:

  • You no longer get ‘taken in' by the false promises of drink
  • Your commitment to making this change becomes unshakeable
  • You pick yourself up from any lapses with renewed determination
  • You become skilled at finding comfort and relief in difficult times in more effective ways
  • Drinking feels increasingly irrelevant to your life
  • You begin to feel so much better in yourself.

Download Stop Alcohol Abuse and free yourself to live your own life again. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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