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Relax After Work – Work mode doesn’t work at home – use this hypnosis session to decompress rapidly and completely.


Relax After Work – Work mode doesn't work at home – use this hypnosis session to decompress rapidly and completely.

Why is it sometimes so hard to switch off and relax after work? You'd think that after a hard day ‘at the coalface', the mere fact of stopping would be enough to automatically switch you from ‘work mode' to ‘home mode'.

But so often it seems like the work demons follow you home and torment you all evening, making it impossible to enjoy time with your family, or even in front of the ball game.

Why work ‘sticks' to you like mud when you go home

The ‘sticky' nature of work-related concerns comes from how our minds respond to the nature of working environments. At bottom, of course, most of us work to survive.

We have to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. And often provide those for a family too. We might not consciously think about this aspect all the time, but the pressure of it is there all the time. It makes us pay a lot of attention to work stuff.

When we pay a lot of attention to X, our brains learn that X is important. This means that our brains become ‘set' to focus on matters related to X, and even to seek out connections with X in seemingly unrelated areas.

While this is going on in the background, our conscious attention may be on deadlines, projects, staff issues or rivalries, management problems, and how we are doing. These get added to that ‘X' factor.

Workers have feelings too. Strong feelings.

And you don't work in an emotional vacuum. You have (often quite strong) feelings about what is going on in your working life. You may be under stress of all kinds, and your work may be challenging and demanding.

This can be rewarding, of course, but it can also keep you in a state of emotional arousal which can be quite exhausting. If you come home in such a state, it can be really hard to unwind properly.

So what's the best way to flip yourself from full on work mode to laid back ‘me time' mode if your brain is engaged in ruminating about ‘X'?

Mental decompression helps you unwind after work

What's required is a kind of mental ‘decompression unit'. It's like scuba diving. Divers who surface too quickly get ‘the bends' – a painful condition caused by excess nitrogen in the blood.

To surface comfortably and safely, they need to come up slowly, and pause at different levels to allow the nitrogen levels in their body to adjust. If you have been submerged in work all day, you need to ‘decompress' your mind.

At the same time, you don't want to spend all evening ‘decompressing'. You want to be able to get on and enjoy your free time. And the quickest and easiest way to effectively decompress your head is to use hypnosis.

Why hypnosis is the most powerful way to relax quickly after work

Relax After Work is an audio hypnosis session which takes all the work out of relaxing. Inside twenty minutes, Relax After Work will take you through a super-charged relaxation session.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions that you can simply sit back and absorb will get your mind switched from its work state to your preferred ‘ready to enjoy myself' state. And the more often you use it, the faster you'll find yourself relaxing after work.

Download Relax After Work now and discover how much more time you have to enjoy yourself. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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