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Social Networking Addiction – Read how hypnosis can help you break the urge to constantly check-in


Social Networking Addiction – Read how hypnosis can help you break the urge to constantly check-in

Do you keep your smart phone in sight at all times?

Are you unsettled if you can't get online to check your news feed or message your friends?

The mushrooming of online social networks like Facebook is a distinguishing feature of our times. Nobody could have predicted how it would so dramatically change all our lives.

And who would (seriously) want to go back to the ‘old days' when the getting and sharing of information was such an arduous task? Not me, and not you.

Yes, it's brilliant to be able to be instantly in touch with a network of friends – even right across the world.

It's wonderful to be able to play games, share music or videos, or get down to some serious learning, or political engagement, or whatever it may be, no matter where or who you are, via your computer or phone.

But there is a but.

How social media addiction gets its hooks in you

The nature of the medium, with its short, sharp bursts of connectivity, means that the ‘reward' of contact and attention (which is why we want to connect with each other in the first place), is delivered in a very bitty and unpredictable way.

There's nothing inherently bad about this, but it has a very noticeable effect on us.

We like getting rewards and we like getting rewards often. But since you can't predict exactly when ‘everyone else' will be online, it's very tempting to ‘just check' and see if anything has appeared since you last ‘just checked'.

If someone has updated their status, or commented on your post, you feel justified in having done that check, because, see, there was something there!

And if nobody has responded, or changed their status, you feel impelled to post something yourself, ‘just to get things going'. And then of course you feel that you must ‘just check' again, to see if anyone responded to that.

And before you know it, you're caught in an addictive loop. You daren't get too far from your PC, and certainly not from your cell-phone, because you might get ‘cut off' and ‘miss out'.

What's wrong with social media addiction?

When online connection – or not even that, but the mere hope of online connection – has taken us over to the extent that it starts to get in the way of real life socializing or other activities that could be so more beneficial or rewarding, it's time to take action.

But breaking a pattern like this, as every gambler knows, is often a tricky business. How do you free yourself from the grip it has on you?

Hypnosis is an ideal tool for breaking addictive patterns

Overcome Social Media Addiction is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you restore your online socializing activities to their proper place in your life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, powerful hypnotic processes will be working at an unconscious level to help you escape. You'll notice that

  • you start to set and maintain your own control boundaries
  • you feel freer to engage with social networks when you want
  • you no longer feel so emotionally ‘hooked'
  • you sometimes don't bother going online for long periods
  • you become more engaged in ‘real life' activities that you enjoy

Download Overcome Social Media Addiction and be the one who's in control. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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