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Overcome Parental Guilt – Guilt can cause poor parenting decisions that are ultimately bad for your child


Overcome Parental Guilt – Guilt can cause poor parenting decisions that are ultimately bad for your child

Parenting is not easy, is it? You'd think it would all come naturally. After all, humans have been parenting for aeons.

But in spite of the abundance of accumulated experience and knowledge, each individual parent finds themselves, essentially, ‘making it up as they go'.

This doesn't let you off the hook, however. Some kind of ‘perfect parent' still hangs around in the background, telling you you're no good. Making you feel guilty.

Nobody likes feeling guilty. We'd all do almost anything not to feel guilty – and we do some bizarre things.

Curiously, few people seem to realise that the most effective thing to do is to stop propitiating the ‘perfect parent' ghost that haunts us and exorcise it once and for all. Once you see through this ghost, you really can parent without guilt.

Haunted by a ‘perfect parent' who makes you feel guilty?

The ‘perfect parent' ghosts are of many kinds, but one of the commonest is the Totally Loving Parent. You know, the one who wants their pure love for their children to be always instantly obvious.

Which means giving them everything they want and never refusing them anything. Because saying no and denying them things will upset and hurt them – and that's not very loving, is it?

Another common ‘perfect parent' is the Compensation Parent. This one is a regular haunter of step-families, but also bothers parents who are raising their children in difficult circumstances.

This is the one who wants to ‘make up for' what may be very real deficiencies that the children are facing. Not surprisingly, the easiest way to compensate always seems to be giving in to them at every opportunity…

Why ‘guilt' parenting doesn't work out so good

The trouble with these propitiating, guilt-driven approaches is that they backfire. You want to love your children, you act out your love through giving, and giving in, and then you find that your youngsters have turned into confused, selfish, manipulative people with no sense of boundaries or restraint. They've always got their own way, but are they grateful? You wish.

So how do you go about exorcising these ‘perfect parents' so you can stop guilt from being the main driver of your parenting decisions?

How you can speed up the process of getting rid of guilt patterns

It may take a little time to fully clear the last traces of the ghost from your life. You may have fallen into such a pattern of guilt-driven parenting that it's become a habit that you need to break.

But you can really speed up that process by calling on your unconscious resources through the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the most effective way we know to bring about speedy and long-lasting change in attitudes and habits.

How hypnosis can help you become a guilt free parent

Parenting Without Guilt is an audio hypnosis session designed to help parents cast off the shackles of guilt. Using the most up to date techniques, this advanced hypnosis will take you step by step through a process of powerful and profound change.

The deep relaxation you will enjoy as you listen to Parenting Without Guilt will become a regular part of your life, bringing you respite from stress and allowing you to see things more clearly than ever before. Powerful suggestions will help you build a new ‘blueprint' for your parenting, which will allow you to enjoy raising your children free from those old guilt patterns.

Download Parenting Without Guilt now and start a new adventure with your children. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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