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Homesickness – Your feelings of loss when away from home can be eased by gentle, permissive hypnosis


Homesickness – Your feelings of loss when away from home can be eased by gentle, permissive hypnosis

Home sickness is very common. Most people at some time or another have experienced homesickness. Many experience it as children – maybe going away from home for the first time or for extended periods.

Homesickness can leave us with a very real sense of sadness and emptiness. It can almost feel like a bereavement

When you're homesick, you might feel nostalgic for familiar things like, friends, family, pets, your house, or neighborhood. You might feel a longing for simple things like your front door or the trees across the way. It can make you feel lonely and under-confident.

Separation anxiety and homesickness

If you suffer homesickness you might notice that even the thought of being separated from loved ones and your familiar surroundings can get you feeling anxious even before you pack your things to leave. Maybe you have to go away on business trips or perhaps even going away on vacation can make you feel bad.

Getting over the homesickness habit

Any emotional response can become habitual pretty quickly. If you experience homesickness as an adult chances are you first felt homesick many years ago and now the feelings have become automatically attached to ‘leaving home behavior.'

You may consciously and logically know that you'll only be gone a few days or weeks or even months but sadness and unhappiness persist perhaps worsened by feelings of real anxiety. These feelings may not really belong to you – they may just be a habitual residue to the way things used to be when you were younger. Like clothes that somehow fitted when you were a kid but just don't fit now that you've grown.

Overcoming homesickness with hypnosis

The good news is that it is possible for you to relax away from home. Even if it seems like you've left your home for good, the place you miss is always available to you hypnotically.

You can re-connect and revisit your home in hypnosis, while also starting to feel familiar and relaxed in your new place. This hypnosis session will get you feeling more relaxed about leaving and being away from home and also give you the opportunity to recapture the experience of being at home – after all you can visit any where in your mind.

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